Visit the Ethan Allen Homestead, the historic home of Vermont's founder Ethan Allen and his wife, Fanny, built in 1787.

A short drive from downtown Burlington, the Homestead offers hands-on history, spectacular scenery, and riverside picnic areas and walks. The Homestead provides a genuine slice of 18th century life and an intimate look at Vermont's most colorful - and controversial founders. 


The Tour begins in our re-created colonial tavern where you will be introduced to Vermont's history from disputes over royal charters in the 1760s through the American Revolution and Vermont's struggle for sovereignty in the 1780s and 90s.

Inside the Allen House you will see some of the daily tasks and skills required to survive on the colonial frontier, as well as an introduction to Ethan's philosophical writings and land speculation activities. Experience the cramped conditions and gain a new understanding of the lives of our 18th Century counterparts.

After your tour, you can explore our gift shop, our exhibit galleries on archaeology and history, and the walking trails located on-site.


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