May 15  Mount Independence and the Two Controversial Decisions that Helped Win the Revolutionary War with Steve Zeoli

2:00 p.m. in the Founder's Tavern

Mount Independence on Lake Champlain across from Fort Ticonderoga was a crucial American military fortification during the Revolutionary War. Twice during the opening years of the War, the Mount was the focal point of command decisions that created consternation and even anger among America's revolutionary leaders. In each case, the results proved the ultimate wisdom of the decision made. This talk will examine the consequences of those decisions while exploring Mount Independence's significant role in winning America's freedom.



June 18-19  Vermont History Expo

Come visit us at our booth at the Vermont History Expo at the fairgrounds in Tunbridge, Vermont!


June 25-26  Experience the Vermont Frontier

11:00 a.m. – 2:00p.m. both days

Experience history as re-enactors recreate life in 18th Century Vermont, with displays and demonstrations of both military and civilian life, as well as hands-on historical activities.



July 16 I Scream for Vermont Ice Cream

A celebration of Ice Cream. Taste Vermont’s finest and learn how to make your own.


July 17 4:00 pm Lecture Series

Topic and Speaker TBA


August 6  The Black Snake Affair

Vermont’s Lake Smuggling Pirates gather and embrace their brethren in Games and Activities. The darker side of the affair is presented in a pair of lectures.


August 21  Lecture Series

Topic and Speaker TBA



September 17   A Maizing Celebration

The amazing value of CORN is celebrated with Good Eats, Games and Activities.


September 18   Lecture Series

Topic and Speaker TBA




October 15       The ABC Harvest Festival

Apples, Beer, and Cider are the ABC’s of this celebration!


October 16       Lecture Series

Topic and Speaker TBA




November 20  Lecture Series

Topic and Speaker TBA




December 18   Winter’s Eve

A Solstice Celebration with music, dance, and mulled comforts