Feb. 19, 2017    2:00 p.m.          “Ethan Allen, Prisoner of War”, Willard Randall

Ethan Allen's biographer, Willard Sterne Randall, will explore Allen's capture and captivity, and the 954-day ordeal he endured as a Britsh POW in the Revolution, with new evidence of the details of his exchange--facilitated by Alexander Hamilton--and Allen's return to Vermont to recover. 

Willard Sterne Randall is a prize-winning biographer of leading figures of the American Revolutionary period, including Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold, and Alexander Hamilton. He teaches history at Champlain College in Burlington, VT.


Mar. 19, 2017     2:00 p.m.       VT State Archeologist Jess Robinson


Apr. 16, 2017     2:00 p.m.          “Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys of Summer”, Tom Simon